Thursday, March 14, 2013

13 3 13 High Court Decision

High Court Decision

Clearly the UMCQ is disappointed with the decision of the High Court, and see it as another nail in the coffin of the ‘no-longer’ right to see the evidence against you. We believe this decision goes against principals of law dating back to the Magna-Carta in 1215.

38. No bailiff for the future shall, upon his own unsupported complaint, put anyone to his "law", without credible witnesses brought for this purposes.

This from the Magna-Carta states ...without credible witnesses... If you have no knowledge of the witness or evidence, how can you prove or disprove it to be credible or not? The Police no longer have to prove their case “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”. This removes one of the fundamental principals of our Legal Justice System; with every step taken we are on a steeper and steeper slope to complete loss of freedom. When the big banks can be deemed too big to prosecute as in just recently with HSBC paying a fine equivalent to only a couple of months profit for Laundering Drug Money, Dealing with the Enemy (Iran) breaching embargos, we the people will be jailed for minor breaches of unjust laws, yet NOONE from HSBC was jailed for Trillions of Dollars of Fraud and Illegal dealings.

There has over time been an erosion of the right to examine the evidence put against you. Without the ability to test the evidence brought against you or to test the “credibility” of the witness, will lead to a travesty if not today, sometime in the future, of this there can be no doubt. The increased use of Secret Evidence (Criminal Intelligence) has been widely criticised. The following is a link to Justice UK’s document on their enquiry into the growth of Secret Intelligence and the problems it creates within our justice system

The UMCQ will be meeting to discuss the outcome of this decision and the possible legal channels open to us. Although the Police propaganda machine has done a good job of selling the Criminal Organisations Act as “Anti-Bikie Laws”, remember there is nothing in these laws that say Motorcycle club, Bikie or anything similar. These laws can be used against any group the police feel free to use them against.

The NRL, AFL, Australian Institute of Sport, these sporting bodies can have these laws used against them. The Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Exclusive Brethren can all have these laws used against them.

These laws are for all Australians, except as in the Media reforms proposed, the Government and Police.

I would like to say ride free etc, but I feel today that the time will come where that will no longer be possible. I always knew this fight would go on forever, but too many people within the Biking community thought that after the SA Finks win it would be a lay-down Misere. Well for those that have not been contributing to the fight, are you happy with the result?