Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lest we Forget

It is with iron clad assurance that I can state there are one ‘collective’ group of organisations that will not fit in to Catholic Archbishop Pell’s “It wasn’t just the Catholic Church that hoped (an abusive priest) would amend their conduct and give them a home somewhere else”... and that is, Three-piece Patched Motorcycle Clubs. This I can state with absolute knowledge, that this type of behaviour would not be tolerated by any Patch Club.
Unlike the Catholic Church, and unfortunately the Archbishop Pell is correct as we know the Anglican Church and the Exclusive Brethren have all  conspired to cover up Paedophilia within their Churches, and there can be no doubt that other organisations have done the same. The open letter from Senior Detective Peter Fox to Premier Barry O’Farrell clearly makes the allegation, “I can testify from my own experience that the church covers up, silences victims, hinders police investigations, alerts offenders, destroys evidence and moves priests to protect the good name of the church,” it is similar claims against Patched Motorcycle Clubs (not Paedophilia, but silencing witnesses, hindering police investigations, etc;) that sees legislation brought in that has so far proven to be unconstitutional, to have them declared Criminal Organisations. As yet there has not been a politician with the testicular fortitude to suggest that the Catholic Church is, under the definition of Criminal Organisation within the various acts, is in fact a criminal organisation and should be treated the same way as Motorcycle Clubs. The following from the QLD Criminal Organisations Act 2009

10 Court may make a declaration

(1) The court may make a declaration that the respondent is a criminal organisation if the court is satisfied that—

(a) the respondent is an organisation; and

(b) members of the organisation associate for the purpose of engaging in, or  conspiring to engage in, serious criminal activity; and

(c) the organisation is an unacceptable risk to the safety, welfare or order of the community.

(2) In considering whether or not to make a declaration, the court must have regard to—

(a) the following information before the court—

(i) information suggesting a link exists between the organisation and serious criminal activity;

(ii) any conviction for current or former members of the organisation;

(iii) information suggesting current or former members of the organisation have been, or are, involved in serious criminal activity, whether directly or

indirectly and whether or not the involvement resulted in convictions;

(iv) information suggesting members of an interstate or overseas chapter or branch of the organisation associate for the purpose of engaging in, or

conspiring to engage in, serious criminal activity;

 There is in-fact more evidence to support conviction of the Catholic Church under these unconstitutional laws than any Motorcycle club. Did our solders’ fight and die to allow Churches to control our legal & political processes? Did our solders’ fight and die to see our freedoms taken by our own politicians, the very freedoms that they gave (and continue to give) their lives fighting to protect, for other countries citizens?

“Lest we forget “

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