Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is from my UMCQ website blog 2010 06 12 Well here we go first rant

I will start to post these here as well as UMCQ site
Because these Anti-freedom of Association laws know no State or national borders, I am not going to limit my rants to things happening in Sunny Queensland.

On the First of June the Age newspaper from Melbourne reported on a cop accused of leaking information to a strip club owner, yeah interesting enough, but the thing in the article that gets my goat is the mentioned rumour that is just glossed over.

“...But Mr Trimble also said he hoped his friend or MacDonald could confirm a rumour that licensing officials planned to replace businesses between the Rialto and Flinders Lane to allow the Grollo group to develop retail outlets...”

Now if this rumour is close to the truth, the question needs to be asked is the licensing branch actually engaged in replacing businesses to the benefit of the Grollo group? If so why? Unless there is a states town planning agenda that is ratified the licensing branch should not be working to the gain of big business.

But, aside from that why does the Age newspaper not comment about the prospect that the licensing branch is working for Grollos profit? Is it because mainstream media is just a tool of big business and the Government? When mainstream media starts to report the news with an even handed approach instead of sensationalising the story, (opps forgot that won’t sell papers).
What can be done to stop this one sided reporting? Write them a letter, put a stamp on it. It makes a difference. E-mails can be deleted to easy (I know a letter can be shredded) it is just that when someone goes to the trouble to write a letter and mail it in the old fashion way it now has a bit more impact than it once did.

The same goes to letter writing to Politicians, a subject that I will deal with in another blog.

Ride free, ride proud and do whatever you can to further the cause of Freedom to Associate, for your sake and mine.


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